The DogDo Catcher.
Your “Hands Off” Sanitary Tool for
Collecting Your Pet’s Waste.

Picking up after your pet is part of being a responsible dog owner. In many communities, it’s also the law. The DogDo Catcher is designed to give 80 million dog owners in the United States a simple, easy to use, sanitary alternative for collecting their pet’s waste that not only prevents it from touching their hands but from touching the ground as well.

With your support, the DogDo Catcher can empower dog owners everywhere to keep their hands, neighborhoods, parks, and city streets clean of their pet’s waste and residue.


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Our Best Friend

As dog owners, we love our pets. They’re playful, energetic, and even resourceful. We go on walks with them. We play catch at the park with them. We take them to the beach. We take them shopping. We take them on vacation. We take them almost everywhere because they bring a little happiness to our daily lives.

So much to enjoy until that one moment dog owners dread: The clean up.

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Welcome The DogDo Catcher

A simple, easy to use, sanitary tool that attaches specially designed, eco-friendly, compostable bags to a hoop and handle for “hands off” pet waste collecting.

Drop, Catch and Go

When your pet is ready to go, just place the hoop into position.

Drop. Catch. And go. It’s that simple.

The DogDo Catcher is so easy to use that even those who feel disgusted in having to pick up after their pet wouldn’t mind performing the task.


Lift, Drop and Go

Disposing is just as simple.

Lift the top hoop. Drop the compostable bag into the trash. And go.


There’s Nothing Like the DogDo Catcher (patent pending)

Each DogDo Catcher comes with 60 bags (a 30-day supply).

No other product on the market offers a durable unit with a 30-day supply of compostable, eco-friendly bags to provides a safe, sanitary method for collecting pet waste.

Made in the USA using Tough and Rigid ABS Plastic

The hoop and handle are made of ABS plastic. The advantage is that ABS combines strength and rigid properties, as well as rubbery toughness so it can bend without snapping.

ABS is by far the strongest plastic used for manufacturing products such musical instruments (recorders, plastic clarinets, and piano movements), golf club heads (due to its good shock absorbance), protective headgear, whitewater canoes, luggage and protective carrying cases, small kitchen appliances, and toys, including Lego bricks and PlayStation 1. Household and consumer goods are the major consumers of ABS plastic.

We are proud to have found a manufacturer here in the USA that not only is a dog owner, but believes in the value of the DogDo Catcher as well.

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We are Contributing to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

We decided to make the DogDo Catcher because we love our pets. Once production is underway, we will make a contribution to the SPCA for every DogDo Catcher sold. We hope you like this idea. And we hope you consider contributing. We thank you. And your dog will thank you too.

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Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t contribute, you can still help. Spread the word about our DogDo Catcher campaign with your family, friends and around the web.  Get creative. Reddit, StumbleUpon, BuzzFeed, Facebook, Twitter and blogs all help. Use the Indiegogo share tools as well. It really makes a difference!


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